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Larry In A Box

August 28th, 2013 by FRaNKy



This strange brown box arrived in the mail yesterday.  Nothing special on the outside, a small “clunck” can be heared while tossing it around so something is in there.  I kind of expected this random box so the surprise was not all that great, but still.


My collections edition of Larry 1 Reloaded.  Game box, artwork book, tshirt and matching condom.


Inside the gamebox : game dvd and soundtrack cd


T-shirt ! Might just frame it and not wear it like *ever*


Not really sure if safe to use this one…

I’m already playing the game from downloading it, but still having an actual box feels better somehow – only if just for supporting the crew putting this back together.

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Some new MVS Carts

August 24th, 2013 by FRaNKy


Kizuna Encounter is new, NAM 1975 is back.  Schweet.

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Shiny MVS

August 22nd, 2013 by FRaNKy

So we got contacted a while back by a person we will call “mister repairman” and he took some MVS boards that didn’t work properly with him to “see if he could fix it”.


This is how we got the first of the boards back.

Now that’s SHINY !  And it works, too.

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Storage, Warehouse, Storefront

August 21st, 2013 by FRaNKy

Sometimes you have to thing big and just “go for it”.  So we decided that Rastermania needed some extra space and we went on the lookout for some storage and workshop area not too far from our headquarters.

We found this 200 square meter area at about 15 minutes drive and after cleaning there will be room for plenty of cabinets and storage and whatchamacallit.



And we even have some new friends waiting…


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Larry 1

August 20th, 2013 by FRaNKy

So we met Al Lowe today and fanboyed.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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Hello, Golem

July 7th, 2013 by FRaNKy

To all of you arriving here thru the Golem article on the talk done at Sigint yesterday, a bit more info on the talk can be found on the Rastermania website and untill the CCC puts the video online you can check a much older version of the seminar recorded at Assembly 2011 on youtube.

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Compactline Rebuild Part 2

May 5th, 2013 by FRaNKy

Some extra times spent on the Compactline cabinet this afternoon.  Making good progress.


The first of the extra buttons that need to be installed is in place.  I need a better drill as this takes way too long to do at the moment but the size is correct.  Inside needs to be filed down as well to get rid of the sharp edges.  But new buttons fit, that’s the most important.


The wooden board that will support the VGA screen is also in place.


Start of the innards.  Powersupply and distribution box are in place.  The switch on the extender can figure as a global on/off if prefered or plug/unplug the main lead.  The powerswitch installed inside the cabinet can not be reused, sadly.

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Compactline Rebuild Part 1

May 2nd, 2013 by FRaNKy

We have this stock of old CompactLine cabinets and every now and then one gets converted to something else – sometimes Mame, sometimes a multigame cabinet – but I never documented this before.  Another came on the block so lets document this one from the beginning.


This is how it sits at the start.  Non working, probably a dead power supply, with an untested CRT monitor.  So we will try to salvage this screen and see if we can get it fixed / upgraded / whatever for potential future use.


Disconnect the screen.  Goes easy with 3 plugs.


These cabinets have a cool feature when it comes to the monitor.  It can rotate horizontal or vertical and it flips open like this for very easy access.


Old control panel.  The joysticks are decent so these can stay – we’ll put in new microswitches – but the leaf-switch buttons will go.  These things are jucky feedback-wise and are crap quality.


Old control panel components, destination trash.


Cleaned up inside and out, all cables removed – we can now start rebuilding from the ground up – that will be for part 2.

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Arcade Cabinet Stock

April 27th, 2013 by FRaNKy

With the new games coming in next week the stockroom had to be reorganized a tiny bit.  Put some not-really-soon to be used cabinets in the back, move some others to the front, rotate a third group to provide more space for the newbies – that kind of thing.



So one hour and a lot of floor cleaning later, the result.  Most of these are with non-working screens by the way – so all go into the project or to-be mame cabinet category.

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Space Station Display

April 14th, 2013 by FRaNKy

After some attempts to repair the 4th player display on the Space Station on a budget – and failing at it – and repair costs going potentially over the allocated budget we “just” got a Pinled display.


Install couldn’t be easier, take out the old display and screw in the new one.  I didn’t remove the 100V fuse from the powerboard, partly because I have no idea which one it is from memory and am too lazy to figure it out at the moment, but that should do no harm there.


I like the end result.  Ok the white blocks scream LED DISPLAY when the light is on but in the dark environment the game is usually in its close to unnoticeable unless you actually tell people about the LEDs.

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