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Cyclone be-heading

February 18th, 2009 by FRaNKy

Cyclone 05

Some time ago I got this Cyclone. Fully restored, working perfectly and having as much fun as you can without adding a multiball.

Now the issue was that it did not fit in the elevator so the backbox had to come off. Luckily 95% of all cables have connectors to them so it does make the job less complex but therefor not less easy if you have not done this before.

Cyclone 1

The cables that needed disconnecting and re-connecting afterwards.

Cyclone 4

All disconnected, labeled and tied together, ready for transporting 3 floors up.

Gameroom V 1.2 Lit Up

Reverse procedure on the 2nd floor, put it next to the Royal Rumble, say a little prayer, flick the powerswitch and Hey ! It works !

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