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Batman Software Update

May 18th, 2010 by FRaNKy

Downloaded firmware version 2.94 from the Stern website yesterday and its time for deployment…

So what is the verdict ?

I like the fact that the scarecrow is now no longer started every time you stumble into the VUK during Joker multiball. Honestly the crane just annoys me more than anything else so I’ll start it whenever I feel like, not when knocking balls out of the way for jackpots during multiball.

The first “batmobile” hurryup that moved to the center ramp is a nice tweak, don’t forget that you can double the reward by the left orbit. On the other hand the right orbit for Batmobile multiball and other tralala still remains a shot I have to perform better. Too many misses, luckily the ball is then captured by the Scarecrow VUK but see above for the never-ending crane action.

Working “Alfred” add-a-ball !

More sounds and graphics and blinkenlights !

You still have to pass on the mini playfield a gazillion times to gather all the equipment. This still takes too long to get that insert lit up in the middle.. Sorry…

Conclusion ? A good game got even better.. And not by a little bit. The game does seem to score higher, a fact that seems to be reflected by the higher factory-default highscores. No longer is it at 75 mil but expect to get 250 for a grand champion if you leave it a the defaults (I didnt, harrr)

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