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July 5th, 2010 by FRaNKy

Spent an afternoon twinkering and configuring the Euro Nudge slot machine. Found out that on Channel 1 I could reprogram or ‘teach’ a new coin -slash- token and after some tests with 20cent and 2 euro coins I’ve settled for Funspot tokens. I’ve got 4 of them to play with so I do have to empty the hopper quite regularly but hey… That proves that it works.

Speaking of the hopper, the coins do need to end up in it and as the coinmech has a divertor with 4 options it needed some extra configuration as well.

Nothing in software but in a PDF manual pulled from the interwebs it showed that one of the plugs that had some random wires needs to be reconfigured physically. In short plug a small cable from ‘Coin B’ aka Token 2 on Channel 1 (yes, confusing, VERY confusing) to ‘Exit C’ on the divertor that leads to the chute that feeds to the hopper.

All that is left now is getting about 500 tokens to put in the machine. Perhaps some arcades want to sell me a bag of tokens for low money, well basically see that you ‘buy’ 500 tokens and then dont put them in one of their machines… Online I’ve found 500 new tokens for about 370 euro. In the US its way cheaper but then there’s shipping. Going to the local arcade first then, I guess…

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