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Who Dunnit Quirks

July 13th, 2010 by FRaNKy

Had to do some debugging on the Who Dunnit. Some of the quirks seem to have existed all the time but now they really are getting annoying.

In short, when exiting the elevator thru the left exit aka ‘floor up’ the machine sometimes awards the value seen on the jackpot reels that are visible on the playfield. Same when hitting some of the TAXI targets and even when a ball is thrown into the shooterlane. Cool when you have a jackpot or BAR listed but when every ball becomes Multiball or Elevator Madness this becomes an annoyance.

Performed a factory reset and even removed the batteries for half an hour to ensure that the RAMchip was properly reset but no luck. The switches are not really linked on any row/columns so I’m quite looking for ideas here. I noticed that the game is on very early production roms so lets start with that and order a more recent set of chips on the interwebs.

And hope that the issues go away…

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