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F14 Stuck Flipper and Switch Fix

August 12th, 2010 by FRaNKy

The Tomcat was unhappy about a certain switch for some time. It did not prevent normal gameplay so I didnt care that much but as the playfield had to be raised for some other issues, why not check as well. Fix was one of the easiest ever with a wire that came loose from the switch. Not even a soldering job, just reconnect the crimp-connector. Ha !

Also during the last game session the upper-right flipper of the F14 was stuck in the “on” position. A quick switch-off of the cabinet indicated that it was a mechanical issue as the flipper stayed in the “on” position after power off.

A quick check under the playfield gave a wobble setting of the return spring. Wiggled the spring around, did some tests, went thru a testgame and set a new highscore. Schweet.

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