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Holland Shuffle – Part 1

September 2nd, 2010 by FRaNKy

Due to the distance and volume I had to invoke some travel assistance from Arcadia Amusements to implement some changes. First of all the SWEP1 had to be picked up and dropper near Amsterdam where a Data East Star Wars was to be picked up and then drive on the Alkmaar where there was a Data East Star Trek 25th Anniversary waiting for transport towards the Bunker.

Step 1 was the pickup of the 2nd Pinball 2000 game that I obtained when swapping out the Family Guy. I dont really like “Episode 1″ as a pinball so had no love for it. A Star Wars collector offered to swap it for his Data East Star Wars + Cash. Yes this is the one with the rotating Death Star and bouncy R2D2 so YES that was a good deal. I played this game quite a lot when it was “new” in the bars and pubs AND it’s based on the “first three” movies AND it has the cool toys described earlier.

Step 2 will be done by Arcadia Amusements : driving, unloading and loading. Delivery at the bunker is scheduled for next monday when I’m back from the UK.

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