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Who Dunnit Funky Multiball

September 10th, 2010 by FRaNKy

The Who Dunnit started to act up lately and it’s time to send it out for fixing.

Some initial knowledge you need to have is that the game has 3 slot reels un the middle of the playfield. This awards stuff such as points, extra ball, multiball, etc. These are obtained by either spinning the reels but also when the ball drops into a sinkhole at the bottom of the popbumpers.

This behaviour of awarding the reel-award when dropping into the popbumber-sinkhole was however repeated at a couple of weird places, being the TAXI targets and when the ball was dropped into the shooter-lane. Most of the involved switches shared a column so probably a diode was causing the issue – only I couldnt find it, they all measured out OK.

So now it seems that the weld on the Sewer Scoop was close to nonexistant causing the entire thingamabob to vibrate and cause fake switch hits. I can’t do any welding so I’ve send this one off for external repairs. Should come back soon with new firmware and everything. Isn’t that swell…

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