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JAMMA Boards Sorting

October 16th, 2010 by FRaNKy

Picked up a few boxes of JAMMA pcbs from Aeneas at last week and spent a couple of hours sorting it all out, testing the pcbs, putting them in antistatic bags, labeling them and put them into a better storage area than before.

Some generic PCB’s for a ‘shuffleboard’ game I couldnt test, you need a machine to go with it and the Atari Breakout PCB will go into the ‘untested’ bin. The board was sold to me as defective anyway so no surprises there.

Batch 1 : R-Type, Vigilante and Side Arms. R-Type is self explanatory here I guess. Vigilante was part of a spanish batch of PCBs I got as a nice-to-have add-on. Sidearms is a game I enjoyed a lot in the arcades and I still feel is an underrated game.

Batch 2 : Hatris, a game I never played untill today – Pang from 1989, another soccer game from Taito called ‘cup final’, Superman sidescroller and then we have 2 nicer ones. one is Dragon Ninja.. This one works but the graphic ROMS seem garbled up. The background is all blocky so will need a few nem ROM images I thing.

Also the ‘find of the day” is in here. A JAMMA bootleg of Sega’s “Golden Axe” complete with japanese subtitles. This is one of my new favourite boards from now on.

Batch 3 : Bit of a mix here. 2 Tetris bootlegs, 2 puzzlers Trix and Cue Brick and a few “display the nude pixelated female” : Gals Panic and Play Girls 2. Oh and a german translation of a game of the same genre called Rong Rong.

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