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The Ultimate Pinball Meeting

December 29th, 2010 by FRaNKy

Thru Rastermania I have been sponsoring The Ultimate Meeting for some years now and as the event celebrated it’s 10th edition this year some extra festivities were in orde. So I dragged a pinball machine along all the way to Karlsruhe. Party to attract people to the shop, partly to show people that pinball is still alive and kicking.

First, obvious, step is loading the machine into the Rastermobiel. We’ve gotten quite some experience at this but still it remains a challenge that has to be acted upon carefully, certainly with all the snow around that made things even more tricky. Yet all went well and the F14 Tomcat was loaded followed by the rest of the shop supplies.

After a 450km drive thru snowstorms and nightly german highways the reversal of the process occured. Grab the game out of the cargo bay, attach the legs, lift it up some stairs, ride it in the hall and have the local electrician provide a dedicated 32A power supply. Not that we need the 32A but its nice to have a line separated from the rest of the party as sometimes fuses tend to blow when a beer or coffee is knocked over.

Game time ! After an initial slow start people started to notice the machine and kept on playing, and playing and even more playing. People deliberately starting a 4 player game to get to know the machine was not an exception here. F14 Tomcat is a very challenging and hard game, yet it does suck people into it and they did come back time after time to get a higher score or to at least catch a ball once – when you miss the ball with the upper flippers after it comes into play it will almost certainly SDTM, it’s a feature.

And no, we did not forget to train a new generation of pinball players.

After the audits have been dumped I’ll post some updates on games played, time spent, drains, average ball times, etc…

(yes the pictures are of so-and-so quality as they were shot with my phone)

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One Response

  1. arvenius

    You call that one a challenge? ha! ;=)
    Well im quite sure beating the 5 Million highscore is pretty doable when one gets a good run i guess i managed OK.
    And thanks again for that awesome Keychain-Thingy btw. It may be a cheap asian-import but it does not fail to impress :).

    All Power to the Arcade!