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Jack Bot Impressions

January 11th, 2011 by FRaNKy

I always wanted a PinBot. But then when starting to search for one they are either in very bad shape or overpriced. Neither way works out. So perhaps this Jack Bot is a little bit a replacement… Almost the same playfield, same look and feel but completely different rules. No longer do you have to travel the solar system but you have to gamble as you were in a casino.

The casino thing is semi in line with the Who Dunnit, that this Jack Bot replaced in the collection, so that is good. What’s not that good is the music. Does this game have more than that single tune ? It gets borderline annoying after a few plays.

Apart from that. It’s a Dot Matrix with the balltimes of a System11 game. This one plays VERY fast on a very open playfield.. No autolaunch as well so no grace periods on the multiballs, ballsave is their but its a manual occasion. I love the Vortex skillshot, on par with the Spinout Bown from Taxi if you ask me and the visor remains one of the coolest things EVAH in a pinball machine.

Rules are ok and its not that hard to get Casino Run going I must admit. The rampshot is a bit flaky but the bagatelle-like upper playfield makes up for a lot – altho its a shame that the bumpers dont provide more action in the game, a heritage from PinBot I admit.

Set to 4 balls + extras I’ve gotten up to 5.5 billion on this one at the moment. Software default is 6.5 billion so there is a LOT of room for improvement.

Personally I see this game the same as I saw my Getaway – I bought it because I suck at it. Getting to learn this game should improve overall skills and lower general suckyness. It’s a plan – if at least on paper.

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