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One Way Spring Flap Gate

January 28th, 2011 by FRaNKy

There are currently 2 (minor) issues with the Batman – Dark Knight.

First of all when shooting the Joker the ball quite often jumps right back out with an SDTM to go with it. Secondly when shooting the ball in the Joker – and it does not bounce back – it will get stuck on the wire-gate required a ballsearch and some help from the dropdown target to wiggle its way into the ballkicker that will also register a lock.

These 2 problems to the same thing kind of build up to a larger one. Every month or so I bended the spring down a bit to increase the power and straightened out the wire-gate but this as getting annoying.

So it was time to get a replacement. Get the Stern Manual out, grab the Pink Pages, browse to section 4 – chapter 1 and discover that you are on page 46. And there is item number 19 with its wire form underneath.

Now we hope that Carl has this in stock..

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