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Holy Fixing Batman

February 24th, 2011 by FRaNKy

Batman needed a bit of work. The game has sat here after its initial cleaning when it arrived pretty much untouched and some more and more annoyances started to pop up. The spring-gate that would hang the ball when shooting the Joker was one of them, the plethora of non-working flashers was the other. So lets get started.

First install the new gate. Guess which one is the new one and which one the battered one. This was pretty easy but the lamp that illuminates the Joker is attached with a tiny tie-wrap that is a bitch to re-slide over the metal post. But it got there previously so should go back. In the end it did, obviously.

Time to swap out the flashers. None of the 3 Joker flashers worked, as did none of the Batmobile Crash nor the backpanel flasher that indicates the Bat Signal. The wedge flasher between the legs of the Scarecrow is out as well but how the frack do you get it out ? Someone tell me as I dont want to break the bumper plastic. Altho all is screwed individually, the screws keep wedged in the small rubber ring, good.. That way they dont fall down between all the playfield things – which is bad.

Playfield cleaning is next. Dust and black pinball goo… Had to go. Rubbed the playfield down with Arcadia Magic Cleaner et voila ! Shiny. Picture shows pre-cleaned state by the way.

To quote a tennis game.. “New balls please”. Holy crap the old ones are completely fucked… Rusted, dented, whatever you want – they have to go. So got a bag of 30+ new balls on the interwebz so all the games can enjoy some new shinyness.. Shiny is good.

So played a testgame.. Whow thos flashers make a difference… Had to do it much sooner… Happy that its done now. On to the next game.. F14, that one needs new flippers.

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