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Hurricane Parts

April 8th, 2011 by FRaNKy

I finally ordered the parts I needed to get the Hurricane back in a decently working order. I admit that I haven’t touched the games in the Bunker for some weeks now – sometimes that just happens – but with moving in the new NeoGeo cabinet some shifting and reorganizing had to be done.

There I realized that that re-stuck ball was still in there. The new yellow rubber posts arrived some weeks ago but I didnt come around removing it. So I’ll just do that combined at a later day when the spares have arrived.

First of all a ball gate before the juggler. Now it just holds a wireframe instead of a one-way gate so a ball shot in there will just bounce back – not good. Secondly that bent target needs to be replaced and third in the shopping bag, the belt that drives both ferris wheels is not what it should be, jumping past some of the wheels and resulting in a sometimes stuck ferris wheel setup.

Now the shizzle needs to go to the PO Box, from there its only a few days till DHL delivers it to my doorstep.

And that is good.

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