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Cactus Canyon

May 15th, 2011 by FRaNKy

Many see Cactus Canyon as “the ultimate DMD pinball” as it was the last one produced (in under 800 copies) before Pinball 2000 was launched at Bally/Williams. Luckily we have some of them around in Belgium so this allows me to play one from time to time.

As with most of the WPC95 games this has dumbed-down rules in order to re-attract casual players, the wizards the (duh) wizard mode or “High Noon” in this game. So what we get is the shoot this 3 times and that 3 times to start things, software-lock of 3 balls, shoot stuff in the middle.. Just compare the rules of Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars, Cirqus Voltaire and this Cactus Canyon and you know what I mean.

Does this make it a bad game ? Well no.. The 4 drop targets representing “bad guys” are fun, the theme is very well implemented but (there is always a but) as production was cut short to start the Pinball 2000 production this game just isn’t finished. Its full with software bugs and many things missing.. One of them is music while entering your initials in the highscore tables for instance.

But on to the score I set. The hardest part was getting to “Stampede” as a software thingy didnt lit the final 2 ramp shots untill I completed a multiball – also there is no playfield insert to indicate where to shoot the ball but obviously the Gold Mine is a safe bet here. So got some multiballs, 2 stampedes and even got the Combo quite easily. High Noon involves shooing as many droptargets as possible in a set timeslot. Its quite hectic but fun nonetheless. Ended up with 156 million on a 5 ball game with 1 extra ball. The GC on this game was about 197 million but with 156, one shouldnt complain.

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