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Adieu Hurricane

July 19th, 2011 by FRaNKy

Space is at a premium in the gameroom and when a game has sat in a corner unused due to various issues left and right so sometimes they have to go.  And if nobody wants to buy the game it gets sold for parts.  Yes its another machine that will vanish from the earth but that’s the way it goes.

Same for the Hurricane.  I’ve put it up for sale some time ago and a repair shop in need for a set of prints and a display contacted me.  Not too far away so I drove over there with the cabinet in the van, dropped it off and gave it a final go to see if everything was working properly.


So here we are, in all its –probably- final lost glory.. A Hurricane about to be parted out…


And at the same time some other games in the shop.  I couldn’t see what the Next Generation game was conditionally but the 2 Indiana Jones’es were in very very nice condition.  Also in the room was one of the nicest Terminator 2 playfiels *ever*.  De-mylarized and not even cleaned it looked better than new..  Close to amazing and if I had the budget – and room – I would have driven home with it.

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