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Space Station Cleanup

August 15th, 2011 by FRaNKy

I have a small “wanted” list of games and Space Station certainly was on there.  I like the game for its weirdness and space theme so when I got the chance to pick this game up for in a good deal I didn’t hesitate.  It needed some cleaning as it had been standing in the same living room for over close to 15 years without much maintenance.


So here we are.  Translite removed, the display has a non working element so that’s off for repair externally.  Time to peel everything from the playfield, give it a good cleaning, replace the rubbers, swap out the lightbulbs and go from there.


Most assemblies have been removed.  The ballguides from the VUK’s can stay.


As with each Space Station, the ramp is beaten up.  It got repaired way back in the 80s by the original operator with a faked ramp flap and a ballpost to keep the ball from hitting the shattered part.  Yes this part needs a reproduction run URGENTLY.


Some to be expected damage between the bumpers.  The rubbers here are completely worn out – as expected.


The miniplayfield has some weird-ass corrosion at the switches.  Not sure what to do with this.. Brush it off I hope as having to replace the mounting plates for the switches will be irritating as they are rivited.


The game after its cleaning and most of the new rubbers in place – only the slingshots need to be done here – Yes those off color flippers would have to be fixed as well.  Time to put some things back in their place.


First plastics back in place.   I cant do more of them as I’m missing green 44 bulbs for the GI string.  Yep this game has 2 GI strings.. White during normal play and green during multiball.  The green GI are regular bulbs with a green sleeve over them but that takes away the light.  So I’m putting in green lightbulbs here.  Already 10 are underneath those 3 replaced plastics and I’m going to be needing about 20 more.  So that’s something to pick up tomorrow.

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  1. Tensikka

    Looking good! Any insert issues? But doesn’t it make you feel good when game is starting to come together?