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Space Station Revival

August 19th, 2011 by FRaNKy


All the plastics are back in place, the miniplayfield has been cleaned, all playfield lamps replaced.. Here we go.  And aint it purrrrdy.


I don’t really like “mods” but this I replaced all the “condoms” with lightbulbs in that color.  So that means about 25 green ones, 4 blue lamps and 7 yellow ones in the mini playfield.


As I had 6 blue lamps left, I put those in the backbox where the CPU controlled lamps are.  These make up the ring of the space-station on the translite and will hopefully provide a nice effect – No I haven’t put the translite back, I need the display panel for that.

Right now I have a single computer related lamp isn’t working and the issue seems to be on the PCB.  Also the droptargets for bonus multiplier don’t reset and the single droptarget in front of the ramp does not register.  I’ll do some opto-cleaning on that level.

But we’re getting closer.

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