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The Following Takes Place During Multiball

August 28th, 2011 by FRaNKy


I don’t like the series at all, but the pinball is very nice – it’s a bit like Lord Of The Rings when comparing the love/hate relationship between pinball and license : 24.  A Steve Ritchie design and it shows.. Large open playfield, T2-like flow with both ramps and ridiculous amount of combinable multiballs.

Anyhoo I came by one of these games in the local Gameworks yesterday and swiped a few games.  Overal the Gameworks are quite well maintained and clean – its not perfect but then these games got played A LOT when I was around so they do see serious usage.

But onto the game.. 3 balls + extra balls, saved the president a couple of times, super jackpots, hopping from Suitcase Multiball into a Sniper multiball towards a Safehouse multiball, rinse and repeat.

And the end result is a Grand Champion score of 271.985.820.  Booyah !

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