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Space Station Reboot

September 15th, 2011 by FRaNKy

Spent the evening putting some final thingamajiggs on the Space Station.  Put back the main ball launch tube, screw in the mini playfield, stuff like that.


I’ve put in the display from the F14 Tomcat for test, as in the F14 this display misses a segment.  So switch it on and booya.  Bootup, Crisp display.. Lovely.  Ofcourse this indicates that the F14 has an issue on the MPU instead of the display – Crap on that.


There still is some stuff to do as this flasher stays locked on, so that’s a transistor to replace on the MPU. The 3-bank dropdown targets don’t reset and/or register, the battery holder needs to be replaced and the flipperbats need to be replaced and re-rubbered, a switch that registers a ball lock is a bit dodgy, change the plunger springs.  Perhaps I’ll change the game ROMS too to a later version, this version goes into ball search at multiball start and wont go into ballsearch during multiball.  Annoying if that switch mentioned earlier fails to register.


And just for show, here’s a detail from some targets on the left of the playfield.

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