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Battery Swap

October 18th, 2011 by FRaNKy

One of the few things that are left “to-do” on the Space Station was to put in a new battery holder.  The old one was eaten away by battery acid, that luckily only ate the battery holder, so had to go.  I could install a remote holder but I just installed a new one.


Yep. That’s all nasty green stuff in the lower right corner and the acid has even eaten away the inside of the holder.


Ain’t it shiny and new ? Yes it is !


I also changed out the ROM sets.  Proto2 on the speech here, L1 on sound and L2 for game ROMs.  All is now running at the latest version.

At the same time I resoldered the pins to the 4th display on the display panel but no luck, it remains dark.  Traces check out OK so perhaps the glass is gassed out anyway – damn.

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