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Ready For Docking

October 9th, 2011 by FRaNKy

Time to put the final touches on the Space Station.

I replaced one of the flipper bats that was yellow with a black rubber for a white/red rubber combo and adjusted some switches that weren’t really registering all the time.  This also allowed me to (finally !) play some test games to see if everything behaves the way it does.  And mostly that’s what happens.  And that is good.

Some minor tweaks still need to be done but I’ll be able to finish this when the parts arrive.

  • The space station assembly seems to be a tad too low, causing a strange ball hang at the end of the ramp.  I need to play around with how tight the nut/washer on top of that assembly is screwed down *and* and that the motor will still engage and this turning the entire thingamajig.
  • I also had a ball-hang at the drop target in front of the ramp, caused by the ball hang above but still.  One of the rubber posts is too wide for the ball to pass behind when the droptarget is up.  I’ll replace it with a rubber sleeve instead of this thicker mushroom.
  • New balls.  Damn the current ones are UGGG-LY.  Still have a bag of new shiny metal spheres, will put 3 of them inside the game when all is done.
  • Translite.  I need to order that one in NOS.  Still available on the interwebs and with the game set up next to the F14 Tomcat it really shows that its been weathered away to a beige mix of ‘bleh’ instead of vibrant colors that should attract players.
  • New ROM chips are on the way.  At the same time I’ll de-solder the battery-corroded current one and put in a new shiny one I still have.  And put in batteries, obviously.
  • And as a last step check the resistor network on the display.  That 4th display is not working.  With the other 3 displays working nice and crisp it would seem rare that it would be gassed out.  The F14 display worked perfectly so that’s not really the issue here – PCB/MPU is fine, it’s the display.

And in the end, that small list still became a long one – dang !

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