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Always The Last Thing You Are Looking For

November 20th, 2011 by FRaNKy


I’m having various issues with this arcade cabinet here.  A JAMMA-converted Sega Virtua Soccer 2 cabinet and the screen had been going thru wobbles and stuff for some time and now ended on a horizontal line in the middle – and that was it.

Obvious thing here would be a recap kit.  The screen was getting kind of dull so was going to have it done anyway but that did not seem to resolve the single-horizontal-line problem.

So checking the potmeters that set the screen width, brightness and those other analog controls this single potentiometer suddenly measured “zero” all across the range.  Far from its 50K value that it should have.

And its task ? Horizontal Size.  Gah…

It might not be a root cause (yet), but it certainly is a wee bit of a smoking gun.  The 50K Pot has been desoldered, now to put in a new one…

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