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Back From DPO 2011

November 6th, 2011 by FRaNKy

This weekend was the Dutch Pinball Open in Gouda (Holland, obviously). Nice weekend, played some nice games, had plenty of boozings with co-belgians, got beaten out of the competition by a few french guys..

Here’s the rundown :

Qualification games :

1 : F14 – initially 600.000, joker-game put this at 1.600.000
2 : Hoops – 1.300.000
3 : Elvira & Party Monsters – 5.500.000
4 : Tales From The Crypt – 300.000 (meh)
5 : Stargate – 250.000 (baaaaaaaaad)
6 : World Cup Soccer – 1.400.000 (whoopty fucking doo !)

Resulting in an overall 38th out of 160 and enough to qualify for the main competition roster on sunday. Basically our goal of surviving the qualifications was achieved here so time to open a few beers.

Sunday started with a best-of-three on the F14, 1-0 for me. A bad Indy500 put this at 1-1 and finally 1-2 with 20 million difference on World Cup Soccer – dang. Of to the loser bracked we went where a Johny Mnemonic sealed in the end in a 4 ball take-it-or-leave-it game.

Overall feeling still remains positive, we’ll be back next year to do better.

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