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January 22nd, 2012 by FRaNKy

With a game evening coming up soon, the Space Station had some issues that needed to be dealt with.  First of all the ball wouldn’t get up from the through into the ball launcher and secondly the “Stop & Go” droptarget in front of the ramp wouldn’t well – drop.


Take of the drop target assembly.  It all works and its there but this one really would not go down.  I never use any lubricant in a pinball machine, but this is an exception.  A bit of teflon spray on where the drop target slides down and bazinga.  It drops immediately now after just the slightest touch.  The opto still needs some cleaning as it does not recognize a drop in 5% of the cases but this is a major improvement nonetheless


With the droptarget removed, I could also replace that single 555 lamp that was still to be replaced.  This one sits under the “stop & score” insert so that’s shiny now as well.


The ramp on this game is busted, as is the accompanying flap.  This was already operator fixed in the past but the screw didn’t copy anymore.  So here’s a small expansion to that single screw.  Yes it’s a hack but untill reproduction ramps are made, this will have to do.


And as a final touch.. New balls please !

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