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What a switch can do.

February 5th, 2012 by FRaNKy

Another chapter in the Space Station restoration/cleanup process.  The switch that sits before the so-called “left dock” would not always register, meaning that the ball in there would not get kicked out when a 2nd ball was on it’s way there, as is possible during stop’n go.  Additionally this would then not register the score too.

What to do ? Well, replace the switch.  Ordered a replacement from Arcadia Amusements, remove a plastic over the pop bumpers and put the new one in place.  Quick test and voila – seems to work like a charm.

So what better to do than a testgame ?  Don’t know so put the glass back on, fired up a game and got to 3.8 million.  This game really has a very nice sound & light show for highscore entry – those flashers behind the Space Station logo really light up the room when entering your name.  And the display is used to its full potential too with the music.

Kind of makes me want to put a huge subwoofer in the cabinet so that it sounds even better, louder and harder.

To do now : either replace that 4th display segment or just say “fuck it” and throw in a LED.  No decision on that yet…

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