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August Pinball Street Team

August 29th, 2012 by FRaNKy

Last wednesday of the month is Pinball Street Team Day.  Again towards Sint Niklaas, about 20 minutes from Antwerpen where Bingovit lined up 4 games from the collection : AC/DC LE, X-Men Wolverine, Big Buck Hunter and Lord Of The Rings.


This was the first time I played the X-Men game.  Its not bad at all, plenty of shots to go for on the upper playfield and the Beast shot between the Wolverine figurine and the scoop really makes it feel like an Addams Family thru-the-bumper-for-bonus-multiplier shot.  But yes – as a bit to be expected – the software version on this game wasn’t really finished yet so it was kinda guessing what to do at some time during the game.  Ohwell, its not that hard to update and Stern actually does put out new software a few months after the game release.


So let’s finish of with some scores.  Put a Grand Champion of 62.393.730 on Big Buck Hunter.  Not too bad on this game, as its not easy to have big scores going – to do that you actually need to combine a variety of multiballs.  But once you have that, you’re all set.


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