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Millionaire Cleanup Part 1

November 1st, 2012 by FRaNKy

So I’ve gotten this Millionaire ermmm  way to many months ago and its been sitting in a corner of the gameroom with the backbox down for all this time as I didn’t really have any opportunity to start the cleanup.

With a weekend off coming up the cleanup was started, and boy was/is it necessary.


The obligatory “before” picture.  Glass has been removed, time to start taking it all down


Close-up of the flipper/slingshot area.. Yep those rubbers are yellow, not black – altho one could easily think oterhwise.


There are even some posts missing, causing usage of a wrong – overstretched – rubber ring and the lamp behind it has been shot to pieces.  So there were little pieces of glass everywhere to be found in the machine.  Surprised that the GI fuse did not blow.


The Millionair Problem.  Shot up green targets, broken plastics.  Every Millionaire has this.  Targets will be replaced and I’ll add some protector rings on the plastics here when all is done to prevent further damage.


Playfield as empty as I could get it without taking down assemblies.  As the mylar is taped over the ramp entrance I left it in place.


Close up of the empty upper playfield.. DAMN is that thing dirty.  We’ll need some proper cleaning gear here.  Oh, and we need new yellow targets too.

Up next : checking that we have all the rubber parts, clean the playfield, list up missing / to be replaced posts and target so that we can perhaps pick them up at Tiltargonne this weekend in France.

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