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Autumn Open Bunker

December 9th, 2012 by FRaNKy

Way too long ago but after a month of November where there was ample time to reorganize and clean up the place, it was time for an Open Game Bunker for those who were invited.  7 pinballs – of which 6 playable – and an arcade cabinet provided the entertainment.  That, and some beers.


Cleaned an operational Millionaire, F14 without CPU/MPU board so not really functional and a nice Black Knight 2000 that we traded for the Fun House


Space Station in full operation surviving a final burn-in test next to Robocop – currently longest in the collection – and a Data East Star Wars.


And a fully restored Tales From The Crypt in the corner.


Finishing of with a Neo Geo / JAMMA Cabinet – currently fitted with a nice multigame cart.

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