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Asterix JAMMA

January 10th, 2013 by FRaNKy

Here’s a fun game (longplay in Mame from Youtube above) we picked up together with a Eurogame cabinet some weeks ago.  Most people will know Astérix from the cartoons and both animated and live action movies.  This 1992 Konami game perfectly transfers all the fun graphics and every roman-throwing move you can find in the cartoons can be found in t his game.

Sadly the graphics – and the gameplay – do tend to get a bit repetitive and perhaps the cartoon’ish style is what makes it show.  For some reason you don’t really car/notice that you beating up the same guys all the time in Final Fight or Double Dragon but here it shows.

The levels take you through multiple episodes and there are some minigames to keep it all entertaining.

All in all a very cool JAMMA PCB and this Konami original PCB can now be found in the shop.

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