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Galaxy Cleanup Part 3

January 24th, 2013 by FRaNKy

With the control panel done, it’s now time to mount the screen inside the cabinet.  The wall-mounts ordered for this are delayed so for now we’ll use some metal brackets that will also hold the screen in place but for transport it will need to be removed.  Not much of a biggie if you don’t move the cabinet around all day but can be cumbersome.


Take your basic wooden board – does not have to be that thick, LCDs don’t weigh that much, and do some measuring.  The goal is to have the screen in the same area as the old CRT.  A 19” 4:3 LCD fits nicely most of the time although sometimes you might want to mask of the frame of the screen is the back of the game is open – and tape of the power led.


Measuring and bracketing completed – time for a fit.  Looks snug and we re-use the rails that held the original screen so the distance is correct as is the angle.  Some of these LCD’s have a limited viewing angle top/down but as this one is turned 90 degrees its not an issue.

Up next : insides and final result.

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