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March MVS Operator Haul

March 14th, 2013 by FRaNKy

When you think that you have fished the pond empty, another former operator – actually kinda just around the corner – popped up online with some carts for sale.  Some ended up to close to 80 of them so we bought the entire kit and kaboodle.


We have to transfer the carts in 2 runs.  This is about 70% of the content.  2 crates of carts, 1 crate of kits and 5 boards in both 2-slot and 4-slot configuration.


About half the carts worked right away.  The other half had to be cleaned and damn were they dirty.  Each cotton swab was used once on a single cartridge just to give you an idea how dirty these thing can get.


So we had some testing and counting of carts to do.  Most of the carts worked as did 2 of the 4-slots.  The rest we will clean once more and retest later.  But for now we have a huge stash of carts again that should last us till the end of the year.

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