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Compactline Rebuild Part 1

May 2nd, 2013 by FRaNKy

We have this stock of old CompactLine cabinets and every now and then one gets converted to something else – sometimes Mame, sometimes a multigame cabinet – but I never documented this before.  Another came on the block so lets document this one from the beginning.


This is how it sits at the start.  Non working, probably a dead power supply, with an untested CRT monitor.  So we will try to salvage this screen and see if we can get it fixed / upgraded / whatever for potential future use.


Disconnect the screen.  Goes easy with 3 plugs.


These cabinets have a cool feature when it comes to the monitor.  It can rotate horizontal or vertical and it flips open like this for very easy access.


Old control panel.  The joysticks are decent so these can stay – we’ll put in new microswitches – but the leaf-switch buttons will go.  These things are jucky feedback-wise and are crap quality.


Old control panel components, destination trash.


Cleaned up inside and out, all cables removed – we can now start rebuilding from the ground up – that will be for part 2.

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